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A Problem Cannot Exist Without a Solution

By Arel Moodie

(Originally occurred on August 18, 2014)

So all flights out of Atlanta to Dallas on American Airlines were cancelled. Therefore causing me to miss my connecting flight to McAllen/Miller International Airport, yesterday. Spent 4 hours trying to figure out what to do.  Had to buy a new ticket to a new city and drive overnight to get to my keynote destination in the southern tip of Texas for my presentation this morning.

Made the long drive, took a nap, got up and couldn't get into my rental... The car key fob died. I was so close, but didn't know how to get in the car. Finally jimmy rigged my way into the car and had an amazing event with some amazing students and staff at South Texas College. In a little bit, I'll be doing my second presentation for the day.

One of the ideas that has been the most beneficial to me has been "There is always a way. Even when it doesn't seem like there is, there is ALWAYS a way." It's easy to say "It can't," "I can't," and "It's not possible," even if there seems like there is no plan possible.
There is always a way. A problem CAN NOT exist without a solution. It may be something that must yield to the confines of time and space. But there is ALWAYS a way. Always.
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