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Connecting with People and Goal Achievement with Engelo "The Dingo" Rumora

By Arel Moodie
Engelo "The Dingo" Rumora is a former soccer player turned real estate management powerhouse.  While we didn't have the opportunity to have Engelo show us some mad soccer skills, he dished with Arel on his mad business relationship skills.  
It turns out a lot of his success as in real estate came from his ability to handle relationships and use his likability.  Stay tuned for how Engelo used likability from both the employee's and the employer's perspective to advance his career...
Quick Rundown:
2:00: From athlete to real estate management: Engelo's story in making a career move.
13:30: The power of persistence
21:45: The four traits Engelo looks for in business partners.
27:00: Screening for people in it for the long run vs. those angling for short term gains.
35:00: Working toward a difficult goal.
42:10: You could have all the right variables on paper, but you can still lose.  How?!
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Switching Gears and Knowing When to Pivot
From future soccer star to successful real estate management?  Maybe we can chalk it up to the discipline he learned from sports, or maybe he was just naturally inclined toward real estate management.  
That's not how it always seemed for Engelo.  Engelo dropped out of high school to focus on his soccer career; that was how he was going to make his name and earn his bread.  But then, the the injuries piled up.  Engelo wasn't getting any younger.  And he decided that by he was 30, he would already be set in his career.
The truth was that reality was knocking, and told him that some options were closed off.  Pursuing the dream of being a star soccer player was becoming unsustaiable.  Engelo realized this, and he decided to pivot.  
The Power of Persistence in Building Relationships
Engelo turned out to do just fine in real estate, but he also had a knack for making important relationships happen through persistence.  When he came across a real estate magnate, he reached out to the man over the course of 6 months.  Engelo was initially turned away.  But he kept at it.
When he finally got an interview, he was able to win over his mentor and become his apprentice.  What were the things he did throughout his extended courtship?  Let's look under the hood:
  • Offered value in return, by recommending articles to read or content to feature on a blog.
  • Maintained his professional demeanor.
  • Cordial with everyone he met, like the secretary.
  • Consistent in reaching out.
Engelo offers further advice on the last point.  He developed his knack for forming relationships through his consistency.  Consistency and hustling is something Engelo himself values and respects in people.  What can you do right now to improve your ability to build these important business relationships?
Engelo says to start now.  Reach out to five people a day-doesn't matter how.  Catch up with them, and see how you can add value to their day.  
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Give that a try.  
People First, Profit Second
What will be most important to your business and (even your non-business goals) will be the people with whom you associate.  As Engelo says in the real estate business, you could buy the best house, on the best street, in the best area, with the best capital growth predictions, but if your property manager isn't competent or is a cheat, you'll lose money.  Surround yourself with the right people.
Just as Engelo knows from his time as a soccer player, it's important to build a team you can trust.  And Engelo implements this vetting with every new hire of his.  He shares with us his process:
Engelo gets people to eliminate themselves rather than only giving them the word himself.  He acts as he normally does around work-self described as crazy-and if a new hire won't be able to gel with the current work environment, he'll be seeing himself off.  Should they make that cut, Engelo shared with us four important traits to look for in a potential team member:
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • No Greed
  • Respect
Even with the most competent member, lacking one of these core qualities could mean to Engelo that he can't trust this person.  So build your team first with people you can trust.
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Thank you Engelo for coming onto the show!  You can find him at Ohio Cash Flow, on his personal website at, and on Twitter at @engelorumora.
Stay tuned, and stay awesome!  
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