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Episode 1: Why Care About Likability?

By Arel Moodie
Hey there.  Maybe you’re a cultured artist, or maybe you’re a visionary businessman.  Or are you an energetic college grad?  Heck, you could be a rocket scientist for all we know.  You have your career skillset, but you’ve likely heard it said that “it’s not what you know; it’s who you know,” right?
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Show Notes:
"It's not what you know, but who you know?"

            Not quite.  The real question is: “How do you get those people you know to like you?”  It’s this charisma which moves all your relationships forward: business, personal, and even romantic!  And this is what we’re all about here at the Art of Likability.

            Likability is a skill you can add to your arsenal.  It’s a tool to influence the people around you.  Even if you hesitate during conversations, you can start to develop this skill now!  We’ll give you concrete strategies and tactics you can use to hone your newly acquired skill of likability.

            If you’re here, it’s a fair bet that you’re genuinely interested in the people around you and how to develop better relationships with them.  And whoever you may be (…maybe you’re an artist, businessman, college grad, AND a rocket scientist?), we here at the Art of Likability want to help you increase the quality of your relationships along your path to success. 

Stay tuned, and stay awesome!

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