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Episode 20: Burning bridges? Good or bad?

By Arel Moodie
Picture this: you’re on your way out of a job, moving onto bigger and better things.  Maybe it was a hostile work environment; maybe your boss was a schmuck, or maybe for some other reason the situation didn’t gel and allow you to reach your full potential.
Quick Rundown:
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Show Notes:

Maybe now’s a good time to give your former associates a piece of your mind?  They’ve had it coming for some time.  You can already picture yourself unloading and dropping bombs on them, and it’s going to be sweet.  But wait.  Hold on.

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"You don’t need to burn bridges if they don’t need to be burned."

There’s the idea of one punch—you just need to land one punch to win at life.  It’s like boxing—someone could get beaten and bloodied throughout each round.  But all you need to kill it in the match is one killer knockout!  And you never know who could be the one to help you with that killer knockout.

Perhaps you guys didn’t work out as business partners, but that’s no reason to immediately sever ties.  You guys don’t have to work together, but you never know down the line when your connections past and present can help you (All you need is that one punch!).  So don’t chew them out—see if you can find some way to help them and get them talking positively about you.  With this, you play for your career, your future success, and your growing likability!

Thanks for listening!  Stay tuned, and stay awesome!

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