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How Alive Are You Really?

By Arel

· Instant Ideas,Personal,Self-Improvement,Productivity

Have you ever felt like you've been drifting through life? As if you were working without purpose, and "going through the motions?"


And time ticks on...wouldn't that be such a waste of life?

Have you ever felt like you've been drifting through life? As if you were working without purpose, and "going through the motions?"

Four Methods To Recapture Life

In this episode, we cover four ways to help yourself feel alive. Let's jump in...

1. Do Something You Haven't Done Before

Youth and childhood. With them comes an enterprise for the new, the unknown, and unexplored.

I should know. My two boys were beyond EXCITED for their first trip to the bowling alley:

Bowling wasn't even a thing to them a week ago! But they were so excited to go because the experience promised to be so new.

Contrast that to growing up. When we grow up and assume more responsibility, there's less time to spare for new exploits if you're already getting by with what you need.

But if feeling more alive and motivated is what you need, getting by with what you're already doing isn't going to get you there!

You could make like a Spanish conquistador and hunt for the Fountain of you can feel alive...

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On second thought, I think it's more realistic to just try something you haven't done before! Here are some ideas:

  • Go scuba diving.
  • Join an adult sports league
  • Go to the park and play some ball.

I think it's important to keep these "new ideas" within logistics. Maybe Likable Linda would like to pack up and head to Guatemala for an impromptu trip, but that takes a great deal of planning. Make it easy for yourself to try something new!

  • If you're an accomplished cook, why not try making a different recipe?  Perhaps an ethnic dish?
  • If you're already a runner, how about running a different trail?
  • Are you a musician?  How would your skills transfer over to another instrument?  Just to find out!

A list like this can be as varied and long as the diverse group in the Art of Likability community! What's one new thing YOU'D like to try?

Tweet me at @arelmoodie to tell me one new thing you'd like to try:

2. The People and Activities You Care For

When you consider the people and causes you care for, you attach an emotional tether to your actions.

Are you giving yourself enough time and effort to nurture these relationships, these goals?

This is an opportunity to reaffirm your mission and your actions. Doing a job for its own sake may not seem fulfilling in and of itself. But if you remember that you're doing it for a little daughter on the way, that changes everything...

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3. Little Things that Get in Your Way

All of us have little tasks, chores, things that are simply annoying.

Shoveling the snow. Doing the dishes. Cleaning up around the house!

These may be little tasks, but they all cost energy, and these can bit by bit drain you of your limited daily supply of energy to make magic happen!

If you don't want to see your precious energy drained out over the course of the day because of small tasks, DELEGATE!

If you can compensate someone else take care of these small tasks, that's a win-win! Someone else can get paid to take care of small tasks for you and give you peace of mind. You get to focus on the big wins, the big picture for you.

One annoying task is taxes, and April 15th is starting to creep up. No one wants to be caught scrambling to get their papers done or late!

4. Hit the Reset Button

Just imagine for a moment: if every worldly possession in your life was wiped away. But...

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You still have your wits, your memories, and your experience. So you can build yourself up.

When you simplify everything down to the bare essentials, which habits and actions would you keep doing, and which ones would you stop doing?

If you're in a relationship that doesn't help you or your partner as much, would you still stay in that relationship?

If you knew you had to start from square one all over again, would you spend as much time on Facebook or other social media?

Would you still know every single baseball score off the top of your head, or the starting five of each team in the NBA?

Now if you implement those actions with the drive to build up again from square would be a person on a mission!

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Remember: You Are Awesome! *high-five*