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How To Put Yourself Out There

By Arel Moodie

· Personal,Self-Improvement

We all want to grow our voice and outreach. In this episode, we talk about the importance of putting yourself out there and not solely relying on having other people find us.

Sitting back and waiting for everyone to come find you sounds great. That's organic outreach, with all the benefits with less effort in the interim. One great example of someone with amazing organic outreach is Beyonce.

Are You Beyonce?

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You're probably not Beyonce (if you are Beyonce, HI!). A celebrity like her or Adele has people organically searching for her every single day. That's quite some organic outreach.

I don't know if you are a celebrity or not. If you're not, you need to make action happen to grow your brand instead of wishing upon a star that action will come to you. So we can work to put ourselves out there.

It can be tough to put yourself out there. When you put your talents out on display, you open yourself up to criticism.

The Art of Likability on Haters:

Criticism can be tough to take if you don't find the nut and dump the shells. Even still, you will always find even 5% of people who just don't agree with your mission.

You know what? That's totally okay. You don't need to have 100% of everyone you come across like you.

(Imagine a community like the Art of Likability telling you that you don't need to be liked by everyone!)

Put yourself out there and let your supporters (up to 95% of everyone else) and your detractors (up to 5% of everyone at MOST) sort themselves out.

How to Put Yourself Out There

What can you do to build your outreach? Reach out to people with a bigger following and see what you can do for them:

  • Write a guest post for their site.
  • Make an appearance on a podcast.

Don't consume; collaborate. Put yourself out there and see where it takes you!

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