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How to Set Goals for 2018

By Arel Moodie

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Setting Goals for 2018

When it comes to controlling our process for our 2018 goals, we want to hit two categories for our goals: believability and excitability.

It's important that your goals for 2018 satisfy both of these categories! What happens if you miss the mark?

If you have a goal of becoming a cash millionaire this year but start out with $10K in the bank? Probably not very believable and tangible.

Let's say instead that you want to keep your job throughout 2018. Doing what you normally do to keep the same job...certainly believable, but not very exciting.

You want to find the intersection between believability and excitability.

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An example: a new relationship in 2018?

Let's say you'd like to have a new relationship in 2018. Great! That's both believable (tangible) and excitable.

So you want a new date? Great: the next steps are pretty easy to define! Start dating!

What if the date turns out bad? That's totally okay! It's not like every single step you make must be a dead straight line to your goal! If the alternative to a "bad date" is staying at home and watching Sex and the City over a tub of ice cream, only one will get you closer to your goal!

There are so many apps you can use to meet people: Bumble, Meetups, Eventbrite, even Farmers Only!

(If you're the founder of Bumble or Farmer's Only and you're reading this, say hi! Or tweet me at @arelmoodie. If you're not, say hi anyways!)

Even if relationships isn't your focus, you can still use these apps for other focuses! Maybe you're interested in entrepreneurship, tech, pottery, or salsa dancing.

It's a big, beautiful world out there. Align your goals with believability and excitability and let's see what you accomplish.