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How to Start a Conversation: Online Dating

By Arel

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Dating is a topic that has been requested several times by several people in the Art of Likability community! So, by popular demand, we will talk about a socially confident, smooth, and unassuming opener to use in the context of dating applications and/or websites!

Context, Context, Context!

A lot of people can get nervous about starting up a conversation on a dating site. I get that.

You're talking to a perfect stranger, one who you may want to impress, but one who you simply don't know!

People are on dating sites in order to meet people. (Instagram, Facebook? Not necessarily-those are general social sites.)

Here's what I'd write as a beginning message on any online dating platform:

“Hi [Name], you know, I always try to figure out the best way to say hello to a person I’ve never met before, and I’m not sure how to do it! Should I talk about weather, sports, or comment on something on your profile? Out of curiosity, if someone wanted to say hello to you, what’s a really cool way to say hi?”

You Know This, But They Don't

No matter what they say, everyone on a dating application or website is there because they haven't found Mr. or Mrs. Right just yet.

They're just as anxious as you used to be.

With this understanding, everyone on a dating website is on the same level! They just don't have this confidence that you do!

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Go out there and make it happen! Remember this opener and try variations on this line and see what sticks!

But more importantly remember: You Are Awesome!

If you've successfully opened the conversation, but would like to know how to keep ANY conversation going, we have the material exactly for that!