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Looking for a Marketing Intern

Deadline to apply:
Marketing Intern for The Art of Likability
Areas of expertise that will be gained
-Social Media Marketing
-Podcast Marketing
-Content Marketing
Required Reading
Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk
Deadline to Apply
February 20th, 2015
What we do
We teach professionals and businesses how to leverage the power of likability to improve their business and personal lives. By improving one’s likability they are able to build more relationships, and relationships are the keys to success.  We do this through our podcast, speaking engagements, consulting and trainings.  Our Podcast has been listened to hundreds of thousands of times in over 130 countries and was the Number 1 Career podcast on iTunes.
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What We Expect from Our Marketing Intern
·      Make Show Notes
There are currently 37 episodes of the Art of Likability recorded, with a new one added each week. Your job will be to turn each past show into show notes and get caught up to our most recent show.
Here is an example of an interview I did with exemplary show notes:
·      Create Blog Entries
Make Blog page for each podcast episode with the show notes you create
·      Integrate Podcast into Video Platforms
(We will show you how to do this, no prior video editing skills needed but is helpful) You will turn each podcast into a video to be put on YouTube and various other video platforms like Vimeo with keyword rich titles, descriptions and hashtags.
·      Twitter
Create tweets for each show using relevant top trending hashtags.
·      Read Jab, Jab, Right Hook
This is a valuable book explaining social media strategies. You will read this book and come up with an actionable plan you will spearhead for the Art of Likability.
·      Repurpose Existing Content
There are long form versions of content that have already been created for the Art of Likability that need to be turned into blog posts and submitted to various blog directories. You will take the current content we will provide for you and repurpose it into blog posts.
·      Creating Systems 
An important skill is the ability to create replicable systems.  For all the work that you create, you will create a documented system for how you do what you do, the resources used so that your work can be systemized.  An example of this would documenting what blog directories exist such as, how to add posts to this site, log in credentials, etc.
·      * Bonus Work* SEO
Having a background in SEO is not needed but is an added benefit. If you have experience with SEO for websites, we would like you to run our current website through an SEO diagnostic (which we will provide for you) and implement the fixes necessary to boost the search engine optimization of our website We will also like for you to find ways to improve SEO from your own research.
What we expect of you
We expect you to be impeccable with your word. If you commit to this internship, you will work as if it is a top priority. You will get out of this internship what you put in. We expect you to work and work hard. You will gain valuable experience and learn real world skills with a fun and awesome team. But that is dependent on how much you are willing to give. You have to meet deadlines you set for yourself as well. 
-Submit your Resume and Cover Letter (In the cover letter make sure you explain clearly why you are the best possible candidate in the country for us to consider. Go on, be creative. Wow us! If traditional cover letters bore you, that’s fine with us, feel free to send a video or something else that will help you stand out in our minds.)
-Turn one episode of your choice into show notes as an example of your work potential. It will also allow you listen to our podcast to get an idea of what we do.
Please send application to [email protected]
Prior Experience
The point of this internship is for you to gain experience. This internship is open to anyone who wants to work hard.
You do have to have a decent understanding of how social media works (general knowledge which most people under 30 years old already know). We do not want to spend time teaching you what Twitter is and why it’s popular.
-You must have decent writing skills and pay attention to detail. We don’t want to see misspelled words in your work.
-You have to be awesome too, if you’re not, don’t worry, we can help you become more awesome :)
This internship is for college credit
The internship is office-free. That means you can work from anywhere you like. We will have meetings to make sure things are going according to plan and you will have unlimited access to the Art of Likability team. Today, remote working is the norm. You have the freedom to create your own hours. We simply expect the work to get done. You will work during an agreed upon time frame between you and our team. We are happy to work around your existing schedule to accommodate. We are a very entrepreneurial team. We don’t believe in minimum hours. If you get the work done in 5 hours, awesome. If you get it done in 20, that’s awesome too.  If you would like a ball park figure on time, expect a minimum of 10 hours of work needed per week. 
Final Note
When you are part of our team, we will work hard for you too. We want you to get the best experience possible, and we are invested in your success if you are invested in ours. You give us 100% and we’ll give you 100%. We want you to be able to stand head and shoulders above your peers by the time you are done with our internship and make it a fun and beneficial process along the way.  Fun surprises are to be expected too if your work is outstanding