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Punch those Tests in the Face.

By Arel Moodie
Life is supposed to be hard.

Most people will never get this and it's sad. Life is supposed to be challenging and difficult.  Waiting for things to "settle down" or "get back to normal" doesn't happen. It never happens.  Life is hard. But you are built to be stronger.  I see a lot of people think some people are "lucky" or can't understand the struggles of real life because they are so blessed.  No one's struggles are easier. Just different.  

Too many people let life's frustrations crush their spirit instead of turning it into fuel.  You want a better life? You will be tested. Time in and time out. Some people see these tests as "signs" that they aren't supposed to have something. They are not signs. They are tests to see how badly you really want something.

They are tests to see if you can pick yourself back up.

You've been beaten down. You've been dealt an unfair hand. It's hard. It sucks. But there is NOTHING that your Creator will bring you to that He won't bring you through. If you believe in yourself and the idea that the Greatest Being in existence believes in you, nothing can stop you.  It pains me to see people stalled. To see people quit because life is hard. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HARD.

I hate feeling like I'm slipping. I've been off and I must pick myself up. You and I both get knocked down. It's life. Just don't stay down.  You have no idea how great you can be, but you'll never find out by throwing in the towel.  Life will hit you so hard. Simply Get up. Shake yourself off. And say "is that all you got?!? I'm not done yet!"

*shaking myself off and refocusing*

So what if you're temporarily down for the count?

NO ONE cares about your losses as much as you think. History has a stronger memory of the wins.  When you fail, only you may think the rest of the world cares. No one actually cares. Everyone is so wrapped up on their own world. So when you get a victory, that's what people remember; that's what your legacy will be.

Fail as much as you want. Fail a thousand times. Win once and that is all that matters. No one talks about the NBA player who played 19 seasons and only won 1 championship like a loser. You know what you call someone who's lost in 18 seasons but won the title in only one season. That person is called a champion.

Pushing through your tests...

Have you ever felt like you've been going through just an amazingly rough patch of life?

My brother Mo Moodie, shared this beautiful story with me. I had to share it on this subject.

A tow truck is going down this extremely muddy pot hole ridden street.  The tow truck is going down the road and feels like this path is unfair. The tow truck wishes it was on a smooth road. The tow truck sees these fancier cars sailing along on this parallel perfectly paved road and thinks everything is just unfair in life. The way it's built and this road it's on is unfair. But what the tow truck doesn't realize is that it's strong enough to get through this road. It's built to handle this road and much worse. It's been put on this road because it is strong enough to make it through the mud and past the pot holes.

Along the way, this tow truck sees smaller cars stranded that can't make it down this path alone. The tow truck picks up cars along the way and gets them to a safer area. These cars would not have been saved if this particular tow truck wasn't there. 

What the tow truck finally realizes (which I hope you will too) is that this road-yes, this tough road YOU are on-is where you are most needed. You are built to make it through this.

G-d will never bring us to something that He has no intentions on bringing us through.

Punch tomorrow's problems in the face. Good night fam.
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