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Simplify Your Life!

By Arel

· Instant Ideas,Personal,Self-Improvement,Productivity

The Power of Simplicity

In this episode of the Art of Likability, we discuss the power of simplicity. If podcast episodes could have spirit animals, this one's would be motivated Shia LaBeouf:

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If you want to get something done and get from point A to point B, what's the bare minimum you need to get done?

Where others seek to overcomplicate, we want to simplify because we want to get things done.

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Enemies of Simplicity:

We at the Art of Likability put together a list of some enemies to simplicity, and real life examples:


Ever drawn up a plan to hit the gym with 20 different exercises and 40 different reasons behind them? You will know optimization is way out of control if you dive in headfirst into using complicated buzzwords that you're not entirely familiar with...

Check out how ridiculous this could get:

From optimization to frustration:

"I've never been to the gym before, but I want to go because I want to get fit. I'm going to bench press, then I'm going to do chest flyes, then....(20 other exercises)....I read that I also need to watch my diet and that makes sense. I figured out that I'm an 'ectomorph' and that I need to eat exactly thirty minutes right after training to hit this 'metabolic window' I read about once. Then I'm going to weigh out an exact amount of protein powder and carbohydrates, and....'re telling me something like this takes 4-5 hours?!"

Simple Solution:

Just step in the gym for 15 minutes to start!

Read up on one simple workout and do that! Optimization is for later once you get real special into the game, but if you're starting out, you just need to produce!

Analysis Paralysis:

Calculating but Nauseating:

"There's this guy/girl I kinda know whom I find attractive! I really would like to take him/her out on a date, but I haven't talked with them much...

...what are the best clothes I have? Is this the right perfume/cologne to wear when I talk to them? What if he/she doesn't like this scent...?

Maybe I should go find out what he/she's interested in, so I'll look at their social media real quick. Oh, he/she's interested in Brazilian samba? That's cool, let me read about samba on Wikipedia real quick...will I come off as too tryhard and nosy if I talk with them about samba....?"

Simple Solution:

"Hi, how are you?"

If you want to talk with someone to get to know them better, how about just talking with them?

I'd love to get to know you better and hear what you'd like to see from the Art of Likability. Please give us your advice by heading to the button below (takes you to a quick survey)!

Remember: You Are Awesome! *highfive*