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What is it Like to Find Your Book Everywhere?

By Arel

· Utility Belt,Personal,Productivity

Imagine if you wrote a book. That's already quite an accomplishment.

Now imagine that you could find your book anywhere across the U.S.A.

That's where I find myself today.

Some of you know that I wrote Your Starting Point to Student Success. This is a story of how I got my book into libraries nationwide:

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You start off as a young entrepreneur and you know deep down inside that you have a message of positivity to bring to the world, and so one of the hustles you take up is taking care of public speaking like no other.

You spend hours honing your craft and your skills in speaking for each engagement. Way ahead of you are several people who get paid well to speak, Snooki for one. You decide you'll make your way up by dint of effort and resolve. At first you get jitters because you're new, but slowly it dawns upon you: You've practiced and honed your abilities to the point where you realize you're a better speaker than many around you!

But you still weren't were you wanted to be. You needed something a little extra. Something to give you a little confidence. You went ahead and pooled all your energy into writing a book. Still not sure you were someone, but at least you had a book to your name.

Writing a book was tough, but so is getting it around! You can definitely incorporate your book with your speaking engagements, but maybe there is another way to build the name for your book.

Then one day, serendipity strikes. Isn't that interesting. Libraries have budgets for purchasing books.

Do a little research and you find out two main professional library associations. You're telling me they run annual meetings? With speakers?

I handle speaking engagements. Pretty well if I do say so myself...

"I'd like to thank all you librarians for having me onstage today..."

A nice story and all, but all I can say is: keep hammering at what it is you do!

Maybe you don't have all the answers (I certainly didn't), but you just keep yourself going.

If you're working on something absolutely amazing, it's difficult to get that all done by yourself. Sometimes you have to allow for good luck to just hit you!

All the while, you'll be working to make yourself open to luck. Just keep on going, keep on being likable, keep on being the AWESOME PERSON I KNOW YOU ARE!