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Why Trying to Look Good Makes You Fail

By Arel Moodie

· Conversation,Personal,Self-Improvement

"I don't want to look dumb...I want to look good..."

Sound familiar? Probably has happened for us in a lot of different situations: stage fright, interview, big presentation, first date, sales pitch...

The funny thing is when you're worried about looking good, all your mental energy is centered on yourself.

Can you picture what a self-conscious person looks like socially? That girl who is always worried about her hair so she fidgets with it, or the guy who trips over one word and makes a production out of explaining it? If you focus the majority of your energy on yourself to look good, you WON'T LOOK GOOD!

Contrast that with not focusing your thoughts on yourself and focusing on the person with whom you are interacting!

If you think about the person with whom you are interacting and how you can help them, that's step one towards building a truly genuine relationship.

Incidentally if you help them out (because you were thinking about them, not you!), you end up looking REAL GOOD in the process!

What a weird paradox that is. When you try to look good, you won't. And when you don't even focus on trying to look good, you end up looking great!

Sounds like a win-win to me.

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