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Why We Get Upset By Triggers with Yolanda Febles

By Arel Moodie

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Welcome to the Art of Likability, where we inform to transform our actions to grow together as likable and awesome people!

I'm SUPER PROUD to bring my wife Yolanda Febles onto the show to discuss together how to deal with triggers, emotional wounds, and vulnerabilities. We will talk about how you can get in the proper emotional state to put your best forward by confronting your triggers.

Triggered is NOT a good place to be! If one phrase or idea could potentially send someone into a blind rage, do they really have full control over their own person?

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Why dance as if controlled on a puppet string by a puppet master? You owe much more to yourself than letting your emotions be controlled by someone else.

Trigger Warning?

What is a trigger? Yolanda found through parenting literature that triggers are highly personal items that induce strong emotions. The problem arises when someone may express these strong emotions where they may seem inappropriate or over-exaggerated.

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Where do these strong internal emotions come from? That may be the key to it: internal.

I saw how related this could be to context outside of parenting-what about meetings with co-workers or with friends? Let's take this on a personal level now; whenever you feel a rush of emotion, ask yourself:

"Why am I feeling this way?"

What about this trigger makes you feel this rush of emotion? There may be a blind sport: you could be the only one who reacts this way. 

This is the funny psychology behind triggers: Since triggers are so personal, everyone else may see it as business as usual while you are boiling on the inside. Maybe because you feel like everyone else ought to feel the same.

My personal trigger is when someone insinuates that I'm stupid. No one should want to feel stupid, right? But that's a personal belief of mine; maybe there are people who shrug it off and leave complex details to experts.

Once you are aware of the trigger and have contemplated why it induces you to feel this rush of emotion, you have won a big battle over your triggers.

It's at this point where you're in control and can determine your response. Is it really a good idea to clench your teeth and your fists in white-knuckled anger? Is it a good idea to scream and berate your conversational partner?

That's for you to decide, because YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOU.

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