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A True American Dream Story

Interview with Eli Smith

Sometimes your lowest point, is just what you need

Imagine only having $400 to your name, surviving off of public assistance with four children depending on you and only a desire to change your circumstances?

This is exactly the experience Eli Smith found himself in when he decided to take bold action and start a business that would later became E Smith Contractors, a multimillion dollar construction business that gives back to the community as well.

But this low point was exactly what he needed to get him to take action.

Oprah episode inspired Eli Smith

Eli was motivated to start his own business after watching a particular Oprah episode.

In this interview, Eli explains how he started his first trash removal company, how he figured out his pricing and how he marketed with a zero dollar budget.

He then shares how it got his first customers and how you can use his philosophies in your life to get what you want.

Learn how a certain certification opened up the doors to make his business grow.

If you have ever had to make a really big choice, you can learn how Eli mentally processed going from literally almost nothing to a 7-figure business overnight through one contract. How do you handle doubt? Find out how to go mentally all in.

Sometimes you have to jump out of the airplane and build your parachute on the way down.

plane with people jumping out of it

Eli built his business on giving people not just a second chance but a 10th or even 11th chance.

He believes great entrepreneurs find a way to say “Yes” to every opportunity.

How to create a “why” that helps you move through the tough and scary times of life.

Coach K says the better players he recruits the better coach he becomes and Eli gives clues on how to bring in good people into your life and professional world.

Coach K successful career

How to be and demonstrate a “solutions based” thinking to succeed in life and feel empowered.

Why the people who will best support you aren’t always your family, not because they don’t love you because they don’t know how to truly give you what you need.

Servant leadership is an important element of helping others while helping yourselves. No matter how big you get, you have to be willing to clean toilets.

Why networking events are so important to go to, even the ones where “nothing” happens because it could eventually lead to something great. It’s important to plant seeds as much as possible to succeed.

Eli Smith with Michelle Obama

In this interview we cover the importance of:

Jumping in

Working Hard

Looking at opportunities available

Communal relationship

Saying yes to opportunity

Hire the right people
How to bring in the right people
Importance of Diversity and Inclusion