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The Insider Secret of High Performers

By Arel

· Conversation,Utility Belt,Self-Improvement

The Powerful Resource of Your Network

Social media is great because it comes with a lot of potential. There's simply a lot of optionality with the platform: you could make connections with an important industry figure, or someone famous could like your content and retweet it. And aside from putting out content yourself, you're not beholden to one relationship or another.

But what about the relationships in which you've already invested? This is where we'll focus for the latest episode of the Art of Likability.

Where everyone's excited by social media, what about making use of the connections you already have? Believe me when I say that you probably already know someone who's doing amazing in your industry.

There's an interesting saying that goes along the lines of:

"If you're the smartest person in a room, you're in the wrong room."

I'm sure we all have something we can learn from the smart people around us. You very possibly are already "in the correct room."

Time to Ask Questions!

Set up a time to call with them for 10-15 minutes. Or, take them out for lunch on your dime! They're kind enough to share their ideas and thoughts with you, and comping a meal for them is absolutely appreciated.

If you think their content is valuable, you could even consider investing in personal coaching. You'll find me on both ends of this spectrum: I have a private coaching groups for professional speakers and those interested in the speaking, and I've also purchased online courses myself. Buy the ticket and see what the ride's all about.

Always learning, and always looking for ways to learn faster as well.

When you're able to get their ear, here are the questions:

The Questions to Ask:

"I notice that you're very good at what you do. In your opinion as a high-performer, what is the difference between you and people who aren't doing as well?"

"If you could grab everyone in the industry, shake them by the shoulders, and implore them to 'understand one very simple idea because not getting it is hurting them,' what would that idea be?"

"If you were starting all over again, what would be the first thing you do to get back to where you are now?"

You want to decide your next action step based on all this useful information you have gleaned.

Remember: Information means nothing, but implementations means everything!

Four Step Action Plan:

1. Identify someone in your network who is a high performer.

2. Reach out to them to set up a time to talk.

3. Sit down and ask these questions above.

4. Decide the one action you will take after this conversation.

Also remember: You Are Awesome!