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A way to deepen relationships

This podcast will help you better connect with people and build deeper relationships with those that matter most to you. If you had a million dollars but no one in your life, you wouldn't be happy. Focus on relationships.

Challenge this week: find someone you can help with no agenda, where you won't gain anything by helping that person. Find out something they need and give it to them for the sake of doing it. (You don't have to be anonymous.)

Our really good friends are the ones that help us with no hidden agenda.

You get caught up living your own life that it's easy to forget about relationships. Do something nice and thoughtful just because it's the right thing to do. Try doing it for someone you care for but haven't spoken to in a long time.

Vat19 is a great site for sending outrageous gifts such as 5 pound gummy bears. Or you can gift an entrepreneur a year of Freshbooks by going to and in the "how did you hear about us" section, enter "The Art of Likability."

Call a family member to let them know you love them. Who cares if they think it's weird? Eat lunch with the coworker no one eats with. Give hope to humanity.

When was the last time someone did something nice like that for you? Unfortunately, that's probably rare, so you need to give more of that.  Go to your mentor rolodex. Take stock of who's in your life and who you haven't given to lately. What gift could you give them? If you don't know, check their social media posts. If that doesn't work, call someone close to them (friend or family member) to ask what they're interested in right now. Or make something. Be creative.

Or give them a call and take them out for a meal. Ask them about their recent thoughts and the books they've been reading. Go to Meetups and Landmark Forums to talk to people about these things. Go to networking events, Chamber of Commerce. Find cool people doing cool things. If your life is boring, that's your fault. Don't be just a consumer of content, create!

The goal is to give (be fully committed) and be detached from the outcome/results. Send a loved one some flowers "just because" -- and don't tell them the reason is because of this podcast.

Be sure leave a 5-star review for The Art of Likability on iTunes (that could be your selfless act for today) and follow Arel on Facebook and Instagram. If you did anything cool for someone, tell @ArelMoodie about it and send pictures if possible.