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How to not make it about you and be more likeable

Awesome strategy

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Arel wants to give you an actionable strategy, mindset, and way of being. Most people live live with an "I" centered approach. Start being aware of this on social media, peoples' websites, and resumes. Here's what "I'm" doing. Here's why people like me.

Are You Being "I" Centered or Service Centered?

Move from being "I" centered to be more service centered. How can you increase your service to others? Even when an action benefits you, move your language to being in service of others.

Example: Arel just gave a speaking engagement to some students in Washington state. Students loved him and said, "You must be feeling like a celebrity right now." Arel said, "I'm glad there was such a connection between me and the students. That means it
was well received." He didn't make it about him.

As a leader looking to become more likeable, your job is to make it more service centered. People asked for his autograph not because he was so great, but because there was such a great connection.

If you finish a project at work and are given a compliment, thank them for the compliment but state that it was an honor to be a part of the team that's making a difference and you're glad to be a part of it.

Catch yourself how many times you respond from an "I" centered vs. a service-centered perspective. Lean toward being more service centered and others-oriented with your language. It feels better and it shows you're a team player.

When you do great work, the cream rises to the top and your work will speak for yourself. You don't need to brag about it. You may need to give more and do more work.

The key is that your presence is felt. Sometimes you may have to eat the bullet and let your boss take the credit. You won't be acknowledged 100% of the time but over the long run, you'll build a strong case for yourself when it shows that you care.

Being service centered is at the core of the entrepreneur mindset. Everything you do (servicing clients, helping your kids, being in a relationship) have that service mentality, contribution, giving.

The Burnout Side

If you feel like you're giving and not getting anything back, remember that you can be of service to yourself. Give yourself time to enjoy the little things like a swim or an ice cream cone. Take care of yourself so that you can be of better service to others. When you're fed and rested, you look forward to helping others with fresh energy.

Arel would rather be service oriented and burnout as opposed to being "I" centered and serving just yourself if he had to make a choice, although it would be ideal to balance both if you can.

What do you do when you listen to the podcast? Are you jogging, mowing the lawn, washing dishes? Let Arel know, and let him know if you have ideas for new topics or guests for the show. How can he be of service to you? Relationships and connections with people are our greatest asset.

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