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Episode 19: How to Get People to Do Things For You

By Arel Moodie

If you’re going to get anything from this particular episode, it’s going to be that third wheeling actually isn’t so bad!  Third wheeling especially has its place when it comes to favors.  You’re going to get a very particular tactic from this episode that will grow and increase your likability with the power of the third wheel.

Quick Rundown:
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Show Notes:

When it comes to favors, one idea reigns king: The Law of Reciprocity.  Have you heard of it?  Keep this in mind the next time you do a favor:

“People help people who help them.”

So the next time you help someone, you’re priming them to help you; people appreciate being helped and assisted.  It doesn’t necessarily have to come prompted as well; the next time you make a trip to the water cooler, go ahead and get a cup of water for someone else.  Hold doors for people and build your reputation as a likable person who helps others out.

Be the Third Wheel.
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When others want to help you out to return the favor, here’s where you use the third wheel: you don’t need to cash in on the favor for yourself immediately, but you can instead redirect the favor to a third party who could use it.  “I don’t need a favor right now, but my friend who’s new here and is moving in could use some help.”  Let’s look at what happens:

You’re giving a favor to another friend, who will then want to pay you back.  For the original friend, he’s not only paying you back, but also making a new friend in the process.  For that, he will be grateful.  This is the kind of network you can build by paying it forward with third wheeling favors.  People notice this, and you will become the likable person who

helps everybody out and connects people.

Thanks for listening!  Stay tuned, and stay awesome!

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