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Episode 23: How to be an Email Rockstar

By Arel Moodie
Is this you?
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Ever had a backlog of emails you were intending on "getting back to?"  How about a pile of emails that you're simply never going to read?
Email is a great medium of communication-it's quick, easy, and relatively straight to the point.  But we're going to talk about using email as a way to build your likability and your relationships with people!
Quick Rundown:
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Show Notes:
You're busy.  I'm busy.  And when we receive yet another "Ding!" and check our inbox for that email, we may not be ready to reply just in that moment.  What many people will do is to leave the email along and make a promise to themselves to "get back" to that email.  Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't.
They'll look at that important email, think for a second, and say "I don't have the time and resources to get this done right now."  
Mark as unread.
Next email.  Same thing.  Mark as unread.  Mark as unread.
Pretty soon, one important email "to get back to" will turn into twenty.  And what could have been two minutes spent getting an email done turns into a half-hour chunk of time devoted to going over all the emails.
It's like dirty dishes.  If you let them pile up over time, you'll have to spend a chunk of time getting them all done.
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But we can do better than that, Likability Fam!  When you get back to an email immediately, people APPRECIATE your responsiveness and your effort spent on working with them.  
When you get back to an email promptly, people will know that they can trust you to value their business.  You'll make them feel like number one.
But back to the issue at hand-you don't actually have the time to get back to them.  Here's an email script to get back to them:
Dear Mr. X/Ms. X,
I can't get back to you right now.  I'll reply in Y amount of time.
And then, be sure to get back to them by that amount of time.  It's a small tip, but use it, and watch your likability and your trust grow with the people and clients you email.
Stay tuned and stay awesome!
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