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Nearly Oblivious, But Making All The Right Moves

By Arel Moodie
There was a group of hikers who wanted to go on a beautiful hike. They asked a tour guide to take them on this one hill.
But the guide told them there was another beautiful climb where the sunrise was enchanting. They would leave in the middle of the night and hike up to the summit of this mountain so they could catch the sunrise.
The hikers agreed a sunrise hike would indeed be a great idea.
They started and hiked for hours. And hours. And hours.
Finally they got to the top and saw a truly breath-taking sunrise.
But what truly took their breath away was seeing how high they actually climbed. They couldn't believe it. The hikers felt so fulfilled to have climbed so high!
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The guide told them the real reason he started doing this particular hike as a sunrise hike is because when people saw the mountain during the day. They would chicken out. They would say it was too high and quit before they started.
By starting at night, people couldn't see how far they had to climb. They only just saw as far as their flash lights would shine, only a few feet ahead.
They focused on the few feet ahead of them instead of being overwhelmed by the entire hike ahead. So they were able to accomplish a great goal.
Many times the road ahead seems too scary. A goal too big. We doubt ourselves. We question "can I really do this? Am I really good enough?"
They question it for so long it leads to inaction.
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Try focusing on your very next step. Your very next action. And so that. Keep doing that. And then before you know it. You'll be at your own personal mountain top.
Stay tuned and stay awesome!
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