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Episode 7: How to be 100% authentic while applying what you learn

By Arel Moodie

Today, we talk about how people DON’T like you.  You read that right.  It’s based upon that idea that no matter what you do or how likable you are, there will be 5% of the population that you may just rub the wrong way.  And actually, that’s perfectly okay.

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Show Notes:

While presenting to scores of people at speaking events, Arel would somehow always notice the two or three people sleeping, instead of the other attentive ninety-nine listeners!  Maybe if you’ve finished a test, gave your own presentation, or finished meeting a new client, you oddly only remember what you did wrong instead of everything that went right.  Focus instead on your victories—remember that great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi had their own 5% to deal with as well, but succeeded in spite of them.

            So instead of focusing on that 5%, focus on presenting and treating yourself in the best way you can.  And you don’t need to worry about being superficial or fake if you’re genuinely interested in yourself and other people and treating both of them right—because that’s what likability is all about!

            Say you were to encounter someone of this 5%...what’s going on in their mind and why are they giving you guff?  They could be having the worst day and they may be taking it out on you and that’s something you can’t pinpoint right off the bat with them.

            Maybe you’re wondering just why they don’t like you.  The truth here is that while you have the skills to offer and are a genuinely good person, perhaps they didn't like the approach you took to talking with them.  And then, they mistakenly define you with that faulty approach, that one incident where you were off your game.  While a lot of people make this mistake, now you know that the incident is not the individual (keep a lookout for this when someone rubs you the wrong way!), and you don’t need to dwell on the 5% so you can focus on the 95% that goes right.

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