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A Personal Life Narrative-Turning It Into An Edge

By Arel Moodie

I realized how powerful perspective can be. How changing your belief on something can change your life. You may not be able to change the facts of your life but you can change your perspective on it.

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I grew up on welfare in the projects of Brooklyn, NY. That's a fact. Can't change that.

Many people look at this upbringing as an unfair treatment in life. That they grew up in the "system" that oppressed them. That because of this fact they are set up for failure.

My Personal Narrative:

Instead of believing that narrative, I made it my edge on the world. My background became my jet fuel. It became the reason I can connect with people. The reason people wanted to help me. The reason why people thought I should be given a shot. Instead of embracing the "woe is me mindset," I embraced the "watch how far I will climb mindset."

It gives me an edge that others who aren't from where I'm from can never have.

You think a boardroom scares me? I was robbed at knife point. I've been jumped by multiple people. I've seen people shot dead and beat senseless.

I'm not as scared of what can happen to me in the business world because I've been through worse. This is an edge I have. Not a reason to be mentally scared.

My background is what makes me stand out in a room of motivational speakers. I know this. I can connect with people going through a harsh life; not from an ivory tower, but from the concrete ground level. I know how they think. What they face and can share how it can be overcome. It's why I am passionate about my work at a level no one can truly understand. A depth that makes me give 100% when I only have 2% in my tank. It's an edge.

If I felt my upbringing was a debilitating tragedy, I would be right. If I felt my upbringing allows me to live the "rags to riches" American dream, I would be right.

Time to take your own narrative and make an edge...

Either of the aforementioned realities could be true. Which one you choose to see your life through will guide your future.

Your life is filled with so much crap from your past. Crap that has no doubt held you back in some capacity. Maybe you were abused. Maybe you were mistreated. Maybe you made bad choices. Maybe you are divorced. Maybe you are broke. Maybe you lost everything and whatever your "thing" is it's holding you back.

Change your perspective. Turn that crap into fuel. Turn it into the very reason why you will still be your best. Turn it into the narrative that will inspire others who have been through similar garbage to move forward. Maybe, just maybe you will show people what is possible in this life time.

Turn your frustration into fuel. Change your perspective and give new meaning to your past and watch how it changes your destiny.

It's YOUR choice.
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