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Episode 8: Every Interaction Do This

By Arel Moodie
Whether you know it or not, you have been bringing happiness in the world—but there are two ways to bring happiness.  “Everyone brings happiness.  Some bring it when they arrive, and some bring it when they leave.”  Instead of giving everyone relief that you’re gone, of course you want to be the one bringing happiness to the table when you arrive. 
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Show Notes:
So perhaps you’re capable of turning on your charm when you need to—Well hold that thought; we can do better than that.  We can focus on every interaction and be likable in every interaction, and then this just becomes a natural part of us.  Everyone can turn their charm on, but for some people, likable is just who they are, 24/7. 

Likable people make it a habit of being likable, even when no one’s watching!  These are the people who quietly hold doors for others.  Do they respect the waiter at a restaurant?  That’s a great litmus test for likability: silently ask yourself (and of other people): how do I treat someone who is serving me, someone to whom I don’t ostensibly owe anything?

Something else likable people always bring to the table is a positive attitude.  “Misery loves company,” some people say, and they bond over misfortune and bad luck.  But this kind of subject can be draining and defeating—make it a point to be positive and uplift people instead of wallowing with them. 

Here’s a positive attitude you can try for your next interaction: ask someone if something cool has happened to them recently and let them tell their story.  But if they complain and say nothing’s cool in their life, don’t let them off the hook.  You can challenge them to find something cool for the next time you guys meet and make it a game!

We haven’t talked about a one-trick pony here in this episode; likability is habit to make for your benefit.  If you can make it a habit of focusing on every conversation to be a positive force and being likable to everyone, pretty soon you’ll just be known as a likable person!  And that’s way better than “having to be nice when you HAVE to.”

Stay tuned, and stay awesome!

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