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We'll Deal With Disappointment.

By Arel Moodie

All you need is a chance. A glimmer of hope to keep pushing forward. All you need is a small percentage of possibility that if you try again you will succeed.

You will work hard. You will work long. You will feel like it's never going to happen. You will be disappointed in yourself. Disappointed in your results. Disappointed in you decisions.  Disappointed in your journey. But all you need is a glimmer of hope. That means that it is still possible for you to achieve the life you want.

...Give Up?
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You'll want to throw in the towel. You'll want to say "what's the point?" You'll look at your peers and feel like they have already figured it out; why haven't you?

You'll see people younger than you with what you don't have but want. You'll see people whom seem to have it easy when you have it so hard.

But all you need is a chance. A small sliver that if you try there is a possibility of hope. You have to keep punching back. You have to keep moving forward. You have to keep saying to yourself that you refuse to give up.

You are being molded. You are being tested. You are being pushed into who you really are supposed to be. You are being made strong.

Growth is painful. Muscles can only be built through pain. You are getting stronger.

It's ok to cry. Just cry, and wipe your tears as you move forward.

It's not over until...

Don't quit. Don't stop. This is your life. This is your chance. You will have what you want but it's impossible to get if you quit. Quitting gives you 0% chance. Trying gives you at least hope.

You have to try until you can't try any more. You have to work until you can't work any more. And when you've hit your limits. Go even further.

This life isn't supposed to be easy. It's not built to be easy. It's built to be worth it. It's built to force you from a caterpillar to a butterfly. You must push. You must trust in the process. You must keep going for yourself and those that depend on you (even of you don't know who they are).

You must push onward no matter what. You must achieve your goals.

Because As Les Brown said...

"It's not over until I win.

It's. Not. Over. Until. I. Win.



It is not over... Until I... win.

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