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Episode 9: How to be a Likability Connoisseur

By Arel Moodie
Imagine a time where someone made a helpful gesture that made you feel warm and appreciative of them. Say you’re running for an elevator and the doors are closing, but the person inside notices at the last second and holds the doors open for you.
Quick Rundown:
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Show Notes:
“Isn’t that a nice thing to do,” you think to yourself as you mentally file that experience away. And the next time that person or anyone else is running for the elevator, you’ve got their back in return. Congratulations to you! You are now a likability connoisseur; just like there are people who appreciate fine wine, there are people who appreciate acts of likability. The next time you experience someone being likable, make a mental note or a physical note on what they did, so you can use it the next time. It’s like building a likability arsenal!
Great hotels do a fine job of these small gestures which exude likability. Here’s a quick list to get you started:
  • Rather than pointing, hotel employees will gesture with a welcoming open hand. 
  • If they’re really good, they’ll even escort and guide you a short distance to where you need to go. 
Your list doesn’t have to come just from professional experiences:
  • One of Arel’s college friends would walk across the college quad to say hi to someone in particular. 

These can get you started, and go out and test what works for you.
Stay tuned, and stay awesome!
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