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Episode 10: The smart way to use social media to become more likable

By Arel Moodie

So you’re a likable person face-to-face, and now what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth?  In this episode, we discuss a few tips and tricks to carry over your likable persona onto social media.

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Show Notes

Just like how we know being interested is interesting, being more engaged and interested over social media is analogous to your good listening skills.  And engaging by posting comments shows a more interest than just leaving a like—don’t you appreciate the time someone took to think about and consider your post, and then comment, rather than just leaving a like?

Same thing with birthdays; instead of offering the minimal “hbd,” you can do better and be creative with your well-wishing.  For example, you can tell them that you hope that this will be the best year in their life so far!  It stands out a lot more from people who just comment “Happy Birthday,” and definitely be sure to do this for the people who matter in your life—friends, family, and important contacts.

And for the people who matter, make sure you stay connected and interested with them.  Add them to your Facebook Smart Lists so you don’t miss updates from them.

So interested is interesting and it’s cool to engage with people’s posts and shine the spotlight on them.  But what about if the spotlight were on you?  Another way of asking the question-when’s a good time to brag about yourself on social media?  Don’t boast about yourself in your status updates, but make your accomplishments accessible, like in your “bio” or “about me” section.When people take an interest in you and what you’ve done, they’ll research via Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  It’s not so much bragging as it is interest and research on your friend’s part.

Stay tuned, and stay awesome!

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