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Interview with Jake White: Stand Out to Win Out!

By Arel

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Today on the Art of Likability, we bring on Jake White of Party.0 to talk about how Jake found influence, friends, and a mission when he dared to be different with spreading sober parties to college campuses.

Sounds crazy right? Why don't you tell a college student to have some late-night fun without even a sip of liquid courage? Well, that's exactly what Jake successfully does.

It wasn't all roses; at first Jake's decision to be sober made him feel like a bit of a black sheep in college. What he found when he stood out to win out was completely the opposite of what he expected.

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Maybe you have some designs and creative ideas, but you feel it's a safer play to blend in. Is it? What if you could stand out to win out just as Jake has done with his idea of sober college parties? Let's jump in...

Stand Out to Win Out

As a college student, Jake realized that alcohol was the “popular” thing to drink on the weekends, but he wasn’t as enthusiastic about drinking. Yet he still wanted to have a good time, just like any other student.

In his quest to have fun without relying on a crutch like alcohol, he’d discover that up to 30% of college students don't drink at all, just like him!

It was when he took the initiative to have a good time with Party.0 and to promote sober parties that he found this other 30%. Jake muses that it was when he developed this initiative and leadership that drew others to him like iron to a magnet. 

You want to be around someone because they exude confidence. What can you do to stand out rather to fit in? If Jake’s example is any indication, it will win you friends rather than single you out.

What I Learned from LARPing

I remember once seeing live-action roleplaying (LARPing) on my college campus and finding it funny. Nowadays, I look at it in a different light; more power to the LARPers! Hey, if you have a passion about something, STAND OUT! Stand out to win out. Other people who share similar ideas will be attracted to your message.

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Selling Yourself

Great for Jake’s Party.0, but what about you? Maybe you’re not sure about embracing your true nature and standing out to win out?

Let's recap the benefits and the events behind Jake putting himself out there:

Finding Your Allies

When you stand out to win out, you can find people who share in your message.

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Starting sober college parties with Party.0 is how Jake finally got to meet that elusive other 30% of college students who also don't drink in college. Now, Jake gives them a way to have fun and let loose without having to conform to all the other students drinking alcohol.

With these sober parties, entertainment is still a must! What took the place of alcohol would be free food and drinks in the form of Papa John's Pizza and Red Bull supplies at parties!

These food and beverage companies also believe in Jake's message because they get to build brand awareness with young populations. Jake in turn gets the entertainment that fuels the fun behind his sober parties.

Make Room For Surprise

Standing out to win out could work so well that it could win you unlikely allies! Jake recalls one instance in spreading the word where he came across a student on the wrestling team who fit the profile of a "party bro." Unlikely candidate for a sober party right? Jake thought he'd give it a shot anyways...

The wrestler LOVED the idea! "Dude, this is a GREAT idea! I'm going to get the whole wrestling team to come!"

Who would have known? Jake certainly didn't at the start! Yet he managed to win over what seemed an unlikely group of friends just by putting himself out there. And in the end, that's all you need to control. Just "leave it all on the field."

The Only Thing You Truly Control...

It can be scary going to talk to people you don't know.

It can be scary to share your true thoughts and feelings and to set up for rejection by everyone around you.

The reality: rejection or acceptance, you don't really control much of that.

All you control is really your own presentation. After that, it’s the job of the audience to receive you. Why take responsibility or worry about what other people think about you, if it is out of your control?

What if the wrestling athlete only really wanted to go to parties with alcohol? That's...totally fine! The fact that he instead surprised Jake with his enthusiasm for the sober party really shows how it's the audience's job to receive your message.

I used to give speaking presentations and would see 99% of the audience clapping or nodding in agreement with my message, but that 1%?

That 1%, that one fellow in the corner who WASN'T on board with my message?

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At the end of the day, all you need to do is to put your message out there for the world to hear and receive. Stand out to win out.

If you'd like to learn more about standing out to win out, or you're interested in sober parties yourself, check out Jake at or at!

Want to get in contact with him on Facebook? He is on Facebook at!

A HUGE thank you to FreshBooks for sponsoring today's episode and a HUGE thank you to Jake for coming on the show today to share with us his adventure in creating Party.0 and sober parties across the U.S!

Remember: You Are Awesome! *highfive*