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Lights, Camera, Action, You!

By Arel

· Instant Ideas,Productivity,Self-Improvement

What does it mean when we say we really want to achieve something, but we constantly complain that we “don’t have the time to make it happen”?

Consider this.

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What if a film crew followed you around 24/7 to film a documentary about your life? Would you be embarrassed by how much time you waste during the day? Would you feel uncomfortable with your whole day being recorded so people could see what you’re really up to? Think about how you spent today. How much time did you put into your career? How much time did you waste on social media? Reading gossip magazines? Watching sports highlights? What else are you wasting time on that does nothing to increase the success in your life?

“I don’t have time” and “I’m really busy” are what unsuccessful people tell themselves to justify keeping their lives small. They don't have to justify themselves in front of an audience.

Choose to play a bigger game.

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If you imagine that film crew following you around, sharing how you really spend your time with the world, I guarantee that you’d work a little harder, a little faster, and a little smarter. Give yourself some accountability toward your goals.

Remember, success doesn’t come from wanting it. Success comes from doing something to achieve it!