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Tell Me More

By Arel Moodie

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In today's episode of the Art of Likability, we will discuss a highly useful phrase for keeping a conversation going.

This phrase is so useful to me that it's as important to me as a Batarang is to Batman:

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Like Batman keeps useful gadgets in his utility belt, I keep useful phrases in my Likability Utility Belt.

What phrases do you have in your Likability Utility Belt? Let me know on Twitter @arelmoodie, with #Batarang #TellMeMore!

Here's the phrase:

"Tell me more."

Only three words, but a very powerful phrase! When you tell someone this phrase, you are giving them permission to talk about their passion.

Have you ever noticed in a conversation that you won't state everything you know about a topic out of consideration for others?

Maybe you know a lot about fitness, but you're not sure if that is where the conversation is headed. Perhaps you just scored a big business deal, but you wouldn't want to rub that in someone's face.

Unless they requested you to "tell me more." What an opportunity to talk about your passion!

Now picture yourself giving others this opportunity to others, and how they'll appreciate you all the more for it, all because of three words: "Tell me more."

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Remember: You Are Awesome!