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The Key to Unlocking Success

One word changes everything

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What is your most valuable asset?

What is the most important asset in the world? Time? Money? Gold? Real Estate? Actually, it’s relationships. A good relationship can get you access to information that can change your life. It’s not books or ideas or information that change your life, it’s the people you meet. The people you meet introduce you to books, to ideas, to a new way of acting and a new way of being. In today’s episode, I explain why relationships are key and how you can go about investing in them. If you really get down to it the right relationships make everything just a phone call away.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How social media fools us into interaction but not actually investing in relationships
  • What ‘ghost following’ and ‘broadcasting’ are and why it isn’t relationship building
  • Why it’s important to think of your relationships like a stock portfolio
  • The reason relationships take time, and intention
  • The dangers of going back to your default way of being
  • The value in deciding to focus on relationships
  • The three categories of relationships (professional/contribution, personal and romantic)
  • An exercise you can do today that will improve your relationships in the next week

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