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How to build relationships when you have no time

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Tune in every week to get social superpowers. You will obtain the ability to do incredible things socially. No matter what the situation, this podcast will give you the tools to be a social butterfly. These tools will demystify social affluence. That way you can connect, and be better related to other people from start to finish.

Most people call someone when they need something, or to confirm a meeting. But, you can acknowledge up front that you were just thinking of the person. Turn your commute time into a relationship connecting time. Instead of listening to the radio, turn your drive time into learning time. Listen to a podcast, an audio book, or even call someone. Typically when you are alone, and not with family or friends. If people don’t answer, or call you back. Don’t get offended … that’s just normal. Leave a message! It is more important just to have a voice. For a lot of people they will appreciate the thought, and it allows you to maintain a relationship with that person. It shows that you are different. Lets face it! Most people wouldn’t call just to see how you are doing.

Building relationships and maintaining them take intentionality. If you get into the car, and you realize that you have a fair amount of commute time. You could probably call maybe even 1-3 different people. This could allow you to have a wonderful conversation with people, and stay connected. In the mix of Facebook, twitter, and other social media. Which doesn’t really allow us to have a meaningful connection with people. Now, meeting face to face is always a better way to communicate. But, sometime face to face isn’t always possible.

That is why calling someone during a commute can move communication into a different direction. Calling someone can honestly go a long way, it shows that you care about them. When you start practicing this. You will find that you like yourself, the creator, and people more. The result will be that everyone will even like you more. You will see everything flow in a positive direction. It is a beautiful idea, and concept to be able to be more connected to humanity on a deeper level. You will be surprised how a simple phone call will allow you to do that.

This week when you are driving try this. Call a co-worker, and ask them about work. Maybe let them know you are just thinking about them. Do this in a very neutral, and friendly manner. These kind of calls go so far, and brighten everyone’s day. Practice this in your car when you have about 20-30 minutes of commute time. You could even call a couple of people, or even leave a voice message if they don’t answer. By doing this you will build an amazing relationship with them.

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