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Vibrate More Positive Energy

Listen to this week's episode below

This podcast episode by Arel Moodie is all about positivity and how your initiative to generate and spread positive energy influences your environment and the people you interact with. When you feel like everyone around you is doing well unlike you, you have two options. You either choose to be motivated or you can decide to be devoured by the green-eyed monster, jealousy.

So how do you know if jealousy is taking over? Well, if you start making the rationale for people who are doing well instead of simply congratulating them then you put yourself in a non-productive state and you are spreading negative energy around you. Instead of jealousy, why not ask for advice?

Truth is that people are okay when you are doing okay so long as you are not overtaking them.

Jealousy or downplaying people’s success is not right no matter what your gut tells you. Envy is one of the worst energies that you can possess. You may not have it all but there is always someone who wishes to be you. Simply be grateful and teach yourself how to convert jealousy or any negative energy into positivity. You need to be in a state where you appreciate people and their accomplishments. People with negative energy attract the same type of negative people into their lives and vice versa.

Everything that causes frustration and anger is not good but you can still learn something from it. The world today does not make it easy for you to be positive. Everywhere you look, people are trying to outdo each other. You, therefore, have to be intentional and purpose that you will be a better person.

Everything starts with you. What you see in others emanates from within you

What do you learn from this episode?

  1. How you put yourself in a negative energy state
  2. How negative energy is contagious
  3. Energy and how you vibrate it
  4. Why you should always appreciate people
  5. Social media as a neutral tool
  6. How you can purpose to release positive energy

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