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    Important Information For Job Hunters:

    Don't leave your next job interview to chance, use a system

    Imagine how good you'll feel when you pick up the phone and call your friends and family to report, "Guess what? I got the job!" Now stop imagining and make it a reality... Guaranteed!


    You’ll Always Be First in Line for

    The Best Job & The Highest Salary

    When You Know the Secrets of

    Interviewing like a Pro

    Congratulations! You've done everything right so far. You landed an interview which means you're successfully presented yourself as a qualified applicant for your dream job.


    Now it’s time to get to work so you can seal the deal and make any prospective employer feel unequivocally that


    You are the best candidate in

    every way, shape, and form for your dream job


    Let’s be honest. Your career is too important to leave to chance. That’s why you need a strategy that will help you get inside the head of a prospective employer and bend them to your will.


    That strategy (and a whole lot more) are in this ebook.


    Don’t schedule your next interview

    until you’ve read this book

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    A Message from the Author of How to Ace Your Next Job Interview

    Hi, Arel Moodie here.

    I’m a likability strategist, and I know I can help you ace your next job interview and allow you to land the job of your dreams. I work with all kinds of folks, including people who society may deem “lost causes”.


    I don’t believe in lost causes. What I do believe in are people…and what people can achieve when someone takes the time to show the way. I want to be that someone for you. I want to turn on the light switch in your brain and help get you on the fast track for career satisfaction.

    In short,


    I want to help you get your next job!


    How to Ace Your Next Job Interview will help you do that.

    Real Life Success Story

    “Arel’s content has given me real actionable systems and tips that have helped me grow immensely. Due to the tips on what proper research on the job I was applying for actually entailed, I crushed my interview and was selected over several candidates with similar qualifications. I now am moving to a bigger city with a bigger salary…something I couldn’t have imagined doing even a year ago. I can’t thank him and the interview manual enough."– Rodney Teekell, Merced, CA

    How to Get a Big Advantage Over Other Interview Candidates


    With How to Ace Your Next Job Interview, you’ll feel like you have an unfair advantage in the job market when you know how to leverage the power of likability. With it, you can literally compel headhunters, human resources, and other people with the hiring authority to make you their #1 choice because they


    • Like you so they want to meet with you
    • Feel connected to you so they want you to succeed
    • Talk about you positively to others to enhance your reputation
    • Want to hire you because you’re the best candidate for the job


    No other product on interviewing

    offers this unique and powerful perspective.


    Interview Tips: Feel Like You’ve Been There and Done That?

    Regardless of where you are in your job search, you’ve undoubtedly already done some reading on the subject of interviewing techniques. There are a tremendous number of books out there. I’ve read a lot of them myself.


    I bet you have already discovered what I discovered when I read these so-called “helpful” books:


    Most books tell you what needs to be done,

    but not how to do it

    You know what I mean, right? These so-called comprehensive volumes on job hunting offering platitudes and empty phrases like “Be authentic” or “Connect with your interviewer,” but there’s no practical advice on how to accomplish these goals.


    It’s like someone giving you advice on how to become a millionaire. Just sell one million people something for $1. That’s great. But how you do it is very different than what needs to be done.


    Which kind of advice do you prefer?


    Option A) Someone telling you “make sure to do your research” before you go in for the interview.


    Option B) Me telling you to go to the website of the business you are interviewing for before your interview. Click on the “About Us” page; look for the company’s vision statement, mission statement or company philosophy. Learn it and during the interview bring up the fact that you are “really excited about this particular job opportunity because the vision of the company to achieve X mirrors my own personal vision to also accomplish X.”


    If you prefer Option A, don’t invest in this manual. If you prefer Option B, you learn the way we like to teach.



    That’s what makes this book different. I wrote How to Ace Your Next Job Interview to give job hunters like you specific, actionable ideas. Use them to help interviewers see that you will bring more value to the position than any other candidate and are an ideal fit for the company’s corporate culture.


    Employers will be falling all over themselves to put you on the payroll!


    Real Life Success Story

    "While working at Lockheed Martin I decided that I wanted to apply for a (new) position...I knew that if I was given the chance, I could prove that my lack of experience would not prevent me from being a great choice. Because of this manual, I was able to make them see why I was the best candidate. My professional life has changed for the better and using these strategies helped me get there.” -- Marcus Winslow, Binghamton NY


    Sound good? That’s just the tip of the iceberg…


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    Practical How-To Tactics to Make Employers Want You


    Zero Fluff. Just Specific Strategies Guaranteed to Work for You

    With my help and How to Ace Your Next Job Interview, you’ll acquire the essential how-to skills that will put your head and shoulders above the competition and make interviewers say, “You’re the candidate for us!”


    You’ll get closely guarded secrets that top job candidates use before, during, and after interviews to turn skeptical prospective employers into raving fans of you and your work.


    You’ll learn exactly how to do the following…

    • How to conduct (easy) research on a prospective employer so you’re prepared for questions and answers that will leave other candidates twisting in their seats


    • How to set yourself apart during your very first phone interaction and make an unforgettable positive first impression before the interview ever happens


    • How to create a professionally compelling voicemail message so if you are called and you don’t pick up the employer will still be impressed by you and want to know more.


    • How to eliminate negative self-self talk and build unassailable self-confidence so you are never the victim of the pre-interview jitters that sabotage others


    • How to create an interview checklist that ensures you’ll always be armed with your most important resources at every meeting


    You’ll also learn to wow interviewers by


    • Delivering a professional handshake that says wonderful things about you before you even say a word.


    • Using psychological tactics the moment you walk in the door to make a fast and lasting connection with interviewers and get them in your corner


    • Using your body language to show incredible power and confidence (without being cocky) so interviewers treat you like a peer


    • Developing your own personal “It Factor,” the intangible quality that every employer is looking


    • Being your most authentic self while simultaneously aligning yourself with the goals of your employer so you are perceived as the perfect candidate for the opportunity


    • Asking the killer closing question that will “close the deal” and get you the job offer you want


    You Can’t Top Perfection: A 100% Success Rate


    The information in this guide is incredibly thorough. It literally took me 10 years and thousands of dollars to master these concepts and strategies. During that time, I studied, read, spoke with experts, hired a professional resume consultant, and turned myself into a job interview expert.


    The time and money I’ve invested have been well worth it. Ultimately, I came to understand these best practices, and that is why I am so incredibly passionate about sharing them with you.


    I know where you're at and I have the solution. You deserve to have it, too. I’ve been sharing what I know at speaking engagements in 48 out of the 50 states so far and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Don't just take my word for it though:


    We currently have a 100% success rate for people

    that have used this program in their job search


    Real Life Success Story

    "I have been an athlete my entire life…(and) I realized that my lack of work experience (literally none) could be a major detriment to being considered for internships and other important job opportunities in my field. Arel Moodie gave me the knowledge and confidence to apply and interview for a job that I really wanted but initially feared I lacked experience for. I am happy to report that I got the job on MY VERY FIRST INTERVIEW EVER. I owe it all to Arel and this amazing program." - Brad William, Garden City MI

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    Remember, if you’ve gotten the interview, they already think you are qualified to do the job.

    Succeed Fast: Where Your Career Is Concerned, Time is Money

    Now it’s time for the company to feel unequivocally that you are the best candidate, the best personality fit for the company.

    When I realized how many more people I could help with an ebook they could download, I wrote How to Ace Your Next Job Interview.


    But enough about me, let’s talk more about you and your career goals.

    When I was unemployed, every second counted to me. I needed a job, not a four-year MBA program on acing an interview. My experiences are reflected in the content of How to Ace Your Next Job Interview.


    I didn’t want to create a 400-page behemoth of a book over-stuffed with archaic information and dusty academic theory. My goal was to deliver the greatest amount of information in a way that could be absorbed in the shortest amount of time. The result is a lively, easy-to-read book that offers


    A streamlined approach to acing an interview

    that you can read and master in just one day!


    So... How Much Does It Cost to Learn How to Ace an Interview?


    If you’ve looked into working with a job coach in person, you know that the costs can be exorbitant. $100 per hour… $200 per hour... a minimum number of sessions…and on and on. That’s tough to afford when you’re looking for work. Digital programs can be just as costly. I’ve seen programs advertising for more than a thousand dollars, with no guarantee that what they teach will actually work.


    This all seemed wrong to me when I was struggling to advance my career. It seems wrong to me now, too, even though I’m extremely successful and on the other side of the buyer-seller equation.


    I am more concerned about helping job seekers like you than trying to get blood from a stone. That’s why I’m making my book as affordable and accessible as possible:




    How to Ace Your Next Job Interview

    Just $47


    You really can’t afford not to buy this right now. There is no downside for you, especially because you can’t lose with my iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction.

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    A Money-Back Guarantee like ​You’ve Never Seen Before

    We are putting our money where our mouth is

    I am so confident in what you can achieve with How to Ace Your Next Job Interview that I have convinced my publisher to offer an unprecedented guarantee:


    If You Don’t Get a Job, I Don’t Get Your Money!

    Order How to Ace Your Next Job Interview. Take 60 days, that’s two full months, to read it, master its principles and put the strategies to work for you in your career quest.


    If you don’t get offered the job you interviewed for and you genuinely feel it’s because we didn’t deliver on our promise, tell us within 60 days of your purchase and


    We’ll refund 100% of your money, with no hesitations, seriously.

    Every day that you don’t have How to Ace Your Next Job Interview to help you prepare is one less day you have to get ready to grab career success when it’s offered. Every day you say to yourself “Let me think about it” is a precious day you are stealing from yourself to learn this information.


    In my opinion, it’s selfish not to succeed, and here’s what I mean by that…


    Invest in This eBook Now: Don’t Just Do It for Yourself. Who else in your life benefits when you get a new job, a better job, a more satisfying job? You do, of course, but don’t other people as well such as friends, family, and others who love you and want you to be happy and successful? And don’t you want to have the financial security and emotional stability to make their lives better, too?


    Of course you do!


    In my experience, people will do a lot more for others than they will for themselves. You can be dead tired but if a friend is in trouble you’d probably stay up all night with them to help if you could, wouldn’t you?

    Real Life Success Story

    "I was getting frustrated with hearing that I was the "runner up" for so many opportunities, and working two dead-end jobs was not leaving much time for my growing family. After utilizing the simple strategies in this Manual, I not only used the strategies to land a good job at a prestigious university but then used the same techniques to land my dream job. I now make double what I made working two jobs and have the free time to spend with the ones I love." -Miguel Tarrats, Syracuse NY

    So if you won’t do this for you, do it for them…the people who love and support you.


    Act Now

    Are you still sitting on the fence? If so, I’m going to make one more effort to get you to take action:


    Free Bonuses

    • BONUS #1: As a special thank you for ordering NOW, I've included a special bonus chapter, “What to Do After an Interview” which shows you what to do to seal the deal and the ONE TRICK that will leave you a cut above the rest.
    • BONUS #2: With the eBook download you will also receive the Art of Likability Resume Template - totally customizable and built by a professional resume consultant ($1,000 Value!!). 
    • BONUS #3: Finally, you're also going to receive access to the step-by-step training video guide, "How To Find Your Next Job" so you can find more quality job openings to apply for now.

    These bonuses are strictly limited the first 100 downloads, so go ahead and click the button below to lock yours in now!


    I graduated from Western Michigan University majoring in supply chain management and have been interviewing for jobs since about 3 months ago. I did not receive any offers until I read your interview ebook. Since I read your book, I have received 3 entry level offers all $50k+ in salary with benefits.

    Thank you very much for the help you've provided me. I can honestly say your book was a tremendous help. Please add me to your 100% success rate.

    -Alexander Carnaghi Kalamazoo, MI

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