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    Learn how to leverage likability to create a more productive workforce,

    a more enjoyable work culture, lower turnover and increased revenues.



    • Learn how to have your employees and co-workers work as hard for you when you are not in the room as they would when you are in the room.

    • How to get your team bought into your vision and moving in the same direction with renewed energy.

    • How to help “hard to reach” team members become more easy to work with.

    • How to apply the Art of Likability High Five System of 5 S’s for Likability success.


    We live in an increasingly complex society. In this decade, every positive or negative interaction with co-workers and bosses are magnified through social media. Likability has never been more crucial for success due to the transparency and the speed in which information can travel.

    People don’t quit jobs typically, they quit bosses. A leader’s job is to create a vision and atmosphere that fosters loyalty, productivity, and results.

    This presentation will help leaders increase productivity, decrease costs related to turnover and help increase profits.

    Leveraging the tools of likability will not change your authenticity or make you a people pleaser, it will make you more well-equipped leader ready to take on the ever-evolving challenges of the current workplace.

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    Arel Moodie is a Likability Strategist. He leveraged likability to go from a kid who grew up on welfare in the projects of Brooklyn, NY to running a 7-figure international event production business while in his 20s.

    He now teaches leadership, sales, and, work culture strategies to professionals globally. He has written for Forbes, HuffingtonPost on Likability and his given the popular TEDx on likability. His unique speaking style combines research, engaging stories and specific how-to strategies.

    • A bestselling author.

    • Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur Honoree.

    • Received standing ovations from thousands.

    • Thought leader for the Media and has been quoted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, USA Today, BusinessWeek, HuffingtonPost, The Chicago Tribune and many more.

    • He has been invited to speak at the White House and has been acknowledge by the President of the United States.

    • He has shared the stage with executives from Google, Facebook and HP.

    • He hosts a top career podcast on iTunes, The Art of Likability, listened to in over 170 countries.

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